Did the opponent’s report scare you?

Did the opponent’s report scare you?

Did your bachelor or diploma reviewer scare you? After reading the review from the opponent, do you feel that you will not defend your work? Don’t report in advance, calm down and sit down. The opponent is also just a man and his task is to ask you questions. It is crucial to realize that most of the questions are answered in your work. Study your work thoroughly, or find the resources you used to write it. Surely you will answer your opponent’s questions easily and defend your work without any problems.

The key is to argue correctly.

Some of the opponent’s questions will seem completely nonsensical to you and you may think that his goal is to tear down your work completely. Be aware that his job is to ask you questions, and some are difficult to answer. His views and attitudes are not necessarily the same as yours. This does not mean, however, that you will not defend your position. You have to be perfectly prepared, why did you choose this method and not another reason why you chose to divide by Mr. X and not by Mrs XY. We don’t tell you that the questions will be easy to answer, but you will certainly be able to create a meaningful answer.

Don’t you know your opponent’s questions?

The opponent’s questions simply belong to the bachelor’s and master’s theses. It is not just about being able to write good work and showing the commission that you are working with resources, but also about how you can defend your views. You must approach this as adding information about your work. Do not perceive it as a questioning opponent’s questions in order to sweep your work off the table, but to verify your knowledge of the issues that are close to you. You have to study a lot of resources to write a job, so you won’t find it difficult to answer questions. If you are unsure, it is very likely that what you are looking for is in your job or head.

We know how to effectively prepare for the defense of work.

First and foremost, you must realize that this is a discussion of your work, which you all have the best to study! If you pay enough attention to the preparation, then the defense will be a walk through the rose garden. The key is to go through the work thoroughly. See what resources you used to write and which methods you applied to your research. If you have these issues studied, then you have half your success. The other one depends on what questions the opponent has created for you. But you don’t have to worry about them either. Take a good look at the work and literature you’ve worked with. Your manager can also help you, who will certainly guide you further.