Does your supervisor require constant repairs? Do you feel like doing it on purpose? Even your leader is just a human and most of the problem arises from poor or insufficient communication. You can surely ask him why he is constantly returning your work to you when you worked hard. Try to ask what specifically needs to be repaired, and which parts to focus more on. Maybe he will tell you that he would recommend another view of the issue or eg newer sources. You may eventually find that you have only misunderstood, and therefore you have been forced to work over and over again. Communication is the foundation of success!

Don’t know where to find more inspiration when working out?

Many students have encountered this problem while writing their bachelor’s thesis (often diploma). Sometimes it happens that you get to a deadlock and do not know how to proceed. In such a situation, it is necessary to draw inspiration somewhere else. First of all, you can ask for help from your supervisor who has more experience than you. Sure to tell you what could be added to work. Another option is to visit a library where you can find another interesting source of information. Last but not least, you can look at the work of your older colleagues who have dealt with the same or similar topic as you. Many bachelor’s and master’s theses can be found here.

How to proceed adequately if a leader has reservations about your work?

First and foremost, you have to humbly learn to accept criticism. The job manager has a lot of experience, so it is appropriate to have your advice. His job is not to make your life uncomfortable but to help you write your work. If you feel you might be harmed by your actions, try to explain why you have chosen this method and others. The defense of your own opinions and procedures is still part of the bachelor thesis! (of course, any other graduate) The leader is just like you, so if you show him enough humility and respect, he will surely be open to a common discussion.

Use more resources.

Many students have quite a lot of difficulty using resources. Two internet links will not be enough to write the whole work, but it is necessary to find out in advance how much the head and the department of book resources require, whether they can also use the Internet. It is not a good idea to find out whether a leader requires newer resources or even older date books. Every job is different, it deals with a different topic and problem, so be aware that even managers have different demands.