Do you not know where to find quality resources to develop your work? The easiest solution is to find a good catalog of books. The largest catalog of all books is the Union Catalog of the UK. It is necessary to register and then log in with your login and password. Another big catalog is the National Library catalog. Each city has its own catalog where you can search for the desired title from the comfort of your home and order it as well. Don’t be afraid to use university and science libraries, where you can find many titles that are not available in other libraries. Be sure to sign up for most libraries and pay a fee.

Can’t find enough resources and information to create a job?

Are you trying hard and still have a problem finding enough quality resources? Try to go to another library than you are used to. Maybe you don’t find a book to help you. Basically, you don’t only have to look at book titles, but you can also find a lot of useful information in journals. Don’t be afraid to use the internet. Compared to books and magazines, it has the advantage that current information gets there faster than on paper. If you really don’t know where to go, then the easiest way is to find a perfectly written bachelor’s or master’s thesis on a similar topic and study what resources your colleagues used in her work.

Don’t you have time to go through a lot of resources?

As with all students, you are certainly being pushed by time. You will find that finding the right publications is half the task, but now you have to go through the books and find exactly what you need. It may seem like a difficult task to worry about, after a while you will find that a lot of books will basically be useless. The easiest solution is to go to the manager and ask for a tip. He certainly knows many good sources during his practice. Another option is to go through work on a similar topic. Your colleagues also relied on specific publications, so you can review their literature lists.

Do you need to create a list of quality literature on your topic?

In this, it is appropriate to create a work outline in advance so that you know what your work will be about. For each chapter, create three to four subchapters in advance and search for at least two sources for each subchapter. You can get inspired by your older colleagues. For this purpose, use the website, where you will find a large catalog of university works.

Do you not know what the list of literature should look like, and what data may not be missing from the book title?

You already have a job written and you think the worst is over. But there is one more difficult task ahead. Create a list of used literature so that nothing in the information about books, Internet articles and magazines is missing. You can create the list manually according to the instructions of the department or applicable standards. The second option, certainly easier, is to use, where you only need to enter the book’s ISBN or its title and you will automatically generate a book quote.