Have you chosen a bad topic and don’t know how to go on? You will not be the first to find out after a bachelor or diploma topic that they do not know how to start or continue working. If you feel that you really did not like the topic and would like to change it, then we encourage you to visit your manager and discuss it with him. If it allows you to change the topic, then go to your study department to find out what your options are. At some faculties, they will allow you to change the topic of your work and submit your work in the original term. At other faculties, they will allow the change, but you will submit it later. There are also cases where they do not allow change at all. The key is to verify everything in time, complete and arrange it. That was one option. However, we advise you to consider everything in advance, so that you do not get to the deadlock as in the previous topic. The second option is to redo and find new inspiration.

How to choose the right topic?

If you are in the process of choosing a suitable topic to write your work, then you still have enough time to think about it properly. The key is to work adequately. Build a high-quality and above all logically related work outline, to which you then create individual subchapters. The outline is really very important because you will save time from “what now?” Questions in the next phase. Once you have the outline ready, you can move on to the next section, that is, to select the appropriate resources. To do this, it is best to visit the library and study the books in advance. We recommend that you find several sources for each chapter that you note. From the comfort of your home, you can add online resources and articles to the bibliography. If you feel that you can’t find enough quality literature, then use www.theses.com to read the work of your colleagues and see what resources they have used. Last recommendations for you: order books in the library in advance, which you will need, so that you do not wait long for them!

How to rework an already agreed topic?

If you have reached the point that it is no longer possible to change and you do not know how to do it, then we recommend the same procedure as in the previous point. Check out the outline you’ve created so far, especially for points you don’t have enough resources for. It is ideal to use the site here, where you will find many works on the same or similar theme and maybe you will find the necessary inspiration. The second often comes up with something that you yourself didn’t even think of!

Do you not know how to build an outline of work effectively?

Each warp has to be logically assembled in the first place. We recommend creating four main chapters and four subchapters for each chapter. Individual chapters should follow each other and, of course, points should not be repeated. Before you start writing, we recommend planning a visit to the supervisor and showing him your outline of the outline. Then you avoid unnecessary remodeling of individual points because of unimportance or turning away from the main theme of the work.